student in a lab


The petroleum and energy engineering (PENG) curriculum is served by well-equipped laboratories of the science and engineering departments in addition to the specialized petroleum and energy engineering laboratories. The following labs and equipment are available.

The laboratories are also equipped to serve senior graduation projects and undergraduate research projects as well as faculty and research assistants projects.


The lab has equipment to measure a number of rock properties and some rock/fluid interactions.

  • Helium Poroimeter

  • Drying Oven

  • Dean Stark Extractor

  • Steady-State Gas Permeameter

  • Bench Top Relative Permeameter 

  • Electrical Properties System Atmospheric 

  • Capillary Pressure Desaurator

  • Manual Saturator

  • Immersed Bulk Volume Setup

  • Retort oven for Rock

  • Sieve Analysis System

  • Polarized Microscopes 


The lab has the equipment to measure a number of fluid properties and some rock / fluid interactions.

   * Fluid Analyzer System for Black Oil PVT Studies

  • HPHT PVT Cell with Window

  • Equilibrium Flash Separator

  • Manual Gasometer

  • HPHT Rolling Ball Viscometer

  • High-Pressure Displacement Pump

  •  * Hydrometer Sets
     * Pycnometers


These labs are split into two labs; the first to simulate the drilling operation and well control process while the second handles a group of mud and cement tests.

Drilling Simulator Lab

  •     Drilling and Workover Simulator

  •     Water Distiller

Drilling Fluids Lab

  •     Mixers

  •     Mud Balances

  •     Marsh Funnel Viscometer

  •     Fann Viscometers

  •     Analog Resistivity Meter

  •     API Filter Presses

  •     HPHT Filter Press

  •     HPHT Consistometer


The lab has specialized petroleum engineering bundles of software to model the entire development phases of a given field starting at exploration and ending by the optimized production scheme.  

Schlumberger Software

  • Eclipse 

  • Techlog 

  • OilField Manager

  • Petrel 


  • Merak 

Kappa Software

  • Ecrin

Interactive Petrophysics (IP) - LR Software

Halliburton - Landmark Software

Engineer's Desktop

  • Casing  Seat

  • Casing Wear

  • Compass

  • Data Analyzer

  • EDM AutoSync Client

  • OpenWells

  • Profile

  • Stress Check

  • Well Cost

  • Well Cat

  • Well Plan

Emerson - Roxar Software      

  • Mette

  • RMS

  • Tempest

GOHFER Software

OpendTect Software


The lab includes few pieces of equipment to perform some measurements that are of importance to oil and gas production, transportation and storage. It also houses some other devices in the fields of renewable energy and electrochemistry. 

Oil and Gas

  • Flash Point Testers

  • Drop Point Testers

  • Foam Tester


  • Basic Photovoltaic Training System

  • Basic Fuel Cell Technology Training System

  • Bench-top Windmill

  • Potentiostat 


The lab has two machines that are used to prepare plugs from rock samples.    

  • Plugging Machine

  • Trimming Saw and End-Face Grinder