Petroleum Engineering



Reservoir Rock Lab

Reservoir Rock Properties Lab


  • Grain size distribution analysis

  • Porosity measurement using Helium Porosimeter

  • Gas permeability measurement

  • Liquid permeability measurement

  • Relative permeability measurement

  • Electrical resistivity measurement

  • Water saturation measurement using Dean-Stark method

  • Water and oil saturation measurement using Retort method

  • Wettability measurement using Amott Cell

  • Capillary pressure measurement using a porous plate

PVT and Fluid Lab

PVT & Fluid Lab


  • Fluid viscosity measurement

  • Density measurement using Pycnometer and Hydrometer

  • Constant Mass Expansion (CME) Test

  • Differential vaporization test

  • Fluid surface tension and contact angle measurement

  • Separators experiments

  • Pour point measurement

  • Cloud point measurement

Plug Preparation Lab

Plug Preparation Lab


  • Plugging Machine of 1.0 and 1.5 inch plugs

  • Trimming Saw and End Face Grinder

Drilling Simulator Lab

Drilling Simulator Lab


  • Drilling Simulator Panels

  • Drilling Well Control Simulator

  • Casing Integrity Tests (Leak-off Test)

  • Drilling Operations Simulator

Drilling Fluids Lab  (Mud)

Drilling Fluids Lab (Mud)


  • Mud Balance test

  • Marsh Funnel viscosity test

  • Mud viscosity by viscometer

  • API Filter Press to determine the filtration and wall-building properties of drilling fluids and cement slurries

  • Retort for water, oil and solid test

  • Sand Content test

  • Mud Sample Preparation

Drilling Fluids Lab (Cement)

Drilling Fluids Lab (Cement)


  • Cement slurry viscosity by viscometer

  • Cement slurry density (Cement Balance)

  • Free water content test

  • Compressive strength test

  • Thickening time test (HPHT Consistometer)

  • Fluid loss test (HPHT API Filter Press)

Petroleum Production Lab

Petroleum Production Lab


  • Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) Modules – ESP Illustrations
  • Force Tensiometer to measure surface and interfacial tension and contact angle.
  • Flashpoint, pour point, and foam testers
  • Hanglip test
  • Water analysis.
  • Magnetic stirrer and drying oven for frac fluids preparation.



Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab

This lab is a multidisciplinary lab used to carry out simulation for different courses spanning the lifecycle of a well from exploration to production optimization. The following software components are installed on the lab machines:

Schlumberger Software:

  • Eclipse
  • Petrel
  • Pipesim
  • Techlog
  • OilField Manager

Engineer’s Desktop:

  • Casing Seat and Casing Wear
  • Compass
  • Data Analyzer
  • EDM AutoSync Client
  • OpenWells

Halliburton Software:

  • Landmark

Senergy Software:

  • Interactive Petrophysics (IP)

    GOHFER Software

      OpendTect Software

      Emerson-Roxar Software

      • Mette
      • RMS
      • Tempest