Professor and students in lab with white coats holding test tubes

Process and Product Development Unit (PPDU)

“To unleash basic research outcomes”

The Process and Product Development Unit (PPDU) was established by a grant from USAID/ASHA (2017-2022).

The PPDU serves one of the AUC's strategic objectives, which is to harness research results and science-based innovations, both home-grown and community generated, to create an economic and societal value and serve the wellbeing of the local and regional populations.

The above initiative will be achieved through the established four main components of the following laboratories:

  • Process Piloting and Product Demonstration Lab (PPDL)

  • Mass and Heat Transfer Lab (MHTL)

  • Reaction Engineering and Catalysis Lab (RECL)

  • Unit Operations, Process Safety and Control Lab (PSCL)

The PPDU labs and services can be utilized by AUC undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, research and teaching assistants and related public users from private and public sectors, from Egypt and abroad.

If you are developing a new product or service research where your development involves major risks and uncertainties, then the PPDU will help you to pass through different levels of process/technology readiness and bring you closer to a usable product in the industry and/or market. PPDU helps researchers, scientists and innovators to execute any process and/or product technology level readiness (TRL) starting from small scale prototyping.

If your product development process passed the first gate between ideation (project concept) and product definition, the PPDU will help you to pass one or more of the next three gates between the following five steps: prototyping, detailed design, validation/testing, and commercialization.

The PPDU page is under development. For more information about the PPDU please contact Professor Abdelaziz Khlaifat on the email