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Upcoming Virtual Campus Conversation

Join us on Thursday, June 11 for the next Virtual Campus Conversation.

Click here to submit questions prior to the event.

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Report-for-Change: A People-Centric Urban Management Tool - Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Research at AUC

AUC’s Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Research and Innovation Initiative awarded funding to 10 different research projects that are aimed at creating an impact both during and after the global COVID-19 pandemic — contributing to the scholarship and innovation in the fight against it. In this series, we are highlighting each of the 10 projects to learn about what they are and what impact they will have on society.

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Happy Earth Week from CARES

AUC's Center for Applied Research on the Environment and Sustainability (CARES) uses different techniques to sustainably grow crops around campus. Learn about green walls and how they are helping revolutionize urban agriculture. Green Walls

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The Race to Recycle Lithium-Ion Batteries

Li-ion batteries are used in cell phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and other electronic devices. And while nearly 90% of batteries worldwide are recycled, there still lacks a universal standard for recycling these specific batteries, as they can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Nageh Allam, professor of physics, and a team of graduate students in AUC's nanotechnology program are working to solve this.

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Marwan Wahid on World Autism Awareness Day: 'I Am Thankful and Happy with My Journey at AUC'"

When he was only 2 years old, he was able to finish a Solitaire game on his brother’s computer and actually win the game that doctors described him as “the new Einstein."

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AUC’s National Accreditation Reaffirmed

AUC has been reaffirmed for its national accreditation with the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE).

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Faculty Reflect on One Week of Online Instruction

AUC's faculty members have been hard at work trying to navigate the challenges that come with shifting to online instruction. News@AUC spoke to some faculty members to learn about their experiences so far and what they've been doing to adapt to the changes. Here's what they had to say: 

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AUC Vice President for Digital Transformation's Message on Online Instruction

With online classes starting Sunday, AUCTV interviewed Vice President for Digital Transformation Ayman Abdellatif on how his team has been working hard to make sure the process runs smoothly and how students and faculty members should utilize the IT Help Desk when running into challenges. Watch the full interview.

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Celebrating Our Hardworking Staff Moms on Mother's Day Under COVID-19

#PeopleOfAUC With Mother's Day coming up on March 21, working mothers in Egypt and at AUC are facing a lot of challenges in light of the coronavirus situation — they are trying to keep their kids safe at home and entertained, keeping pace with their online learning at home and — on top of that — working in their daily jobs. We spoke to AUC's staff working mothers, and here are their thoughts on this year's Mother's Day:

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Tips on Being Happy While Working from Home

We are now facing the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is feeling anxious, disorientated, worried and generally uneasy. Workplaces are being disrupted to an unprecedented degree, and nobody knows how long this will last. Many of us have to work from home, and this in itself can be not only challenging, but also isolating and lonely. Social bonding is important, and many of us will miss out on interacting with colleagues, and for our faculty with our students too. So, what can we all do about it?  

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AUC Students Awarded at Women in Energy Conference

Amira Mohamed, a graduate student in environmental engineering, received the STEM Star of the Year award at EGYPS [Egypt Petroleum Show], and the Highly Commended award in the same category went to Farida Elharouni, double major in mechanical engineering and physics. Both students were also panel speakers at the event.

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Class of 2020: The Future Awaits

If you were on campus last Wednesday and Thursday, you would’ve seen crowds of new students eager to begin their lives at AUC wandering among a sea of caps and gowns, graduates ready to start their journeys beyond this campus.

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Class of 2024 Looks Forward to AUC Experience

AUC's campus is sparkling with energy and hope as new and returning students kick off the Spring 2020 semester. More than 80 new undergraduates and 140 graduate students started their studies as the University approaches the final phase of its centennial celebration: Experience the Future.  The new undergraduate class — 47.5% females and 52.5% males — is enriching campus diversity, with students coming from the United States, Syria and Yemen. 

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AUC, College of Charleston Partner on Student Exchange

AUC and the College of Charleston in South Carolina, both liberal arts institutions with a long legacy in education, have recently partnered on new academic cooperation and student exchange program for both undergraduate and graduate students for a period of five years.  Students from AUC and the College of Charleston will receive a scholarship to spend a semester or year abroad at the other institution, providing students with a unique international experience and strengthening East-West cultural ties.

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AUC Improves Sustainability Ranking Among Universities Worldwide

AUC ranked 132 out of 780 institutions in the annual UI Green Metric initiative, moving up from its 136 ranking last year. Universities Indonesia (UI) ranks thousands of universities globally based on amount of campus green space, energy use, transport, water use, waste management and green policies.

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RiseUpAtAUC 2019 Recap

For the first time, AUC was the main partner and host of #RiseUpAtAUC, the one-stop-shop event connecting startups in the Middle East and Africa, with more than 20 of AUC’s faculty and alumni as guest speakers.

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