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A photo of a street with cars, with blue graphic visualizations of automated vehicle technology

The Future of Self-Driving Cars

If you struggle navigating traffic in the morning, soon your car may be able to take the wheel. In fact, in 10 years' time, autonomous vehicles are expected to become a main form of transportation —  but what still stands in the way of their development?In this short Q&A, Yasser Gadallah, professor of electronics and communications engineering at AUC, breaks down how autonomous vehicles are developing, some of the challenges of the field and why it's important to explore.

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Hassan Azzazy speaking at the conference

AUC Tackles Pressing Challenges 'Toward a Better Future for Humanity'

AUC faculty and graduate students from the chemistry and biology departments as well as the Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology, joined over 300 researchers from around the globe at the 18th International Conference of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ICBMB) under the theme, “Toward a Better Future for Humanity.”

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Rendering of Zahran's project on Haret Bergwan

Zero Carbon Cairo

For a team of architecture alumni at AUC, preserving Egypt’s heritage is vital to building a sustainable future. With collaboration from Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Salford, Laila Hany ’23, Heba El Kammah ’23, Mostafa Zahran ’23, Saja Sameh ’23 and Amgad Abdulgawad ’23 set out to study how traditional crafts and buildings can be used to develop sustainable employment and housing across Egypt. 

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new faculty collage

Meet Our New Faculty

A warm welcome to all our new faculty! With research interests from international policy to visual storytelling, we are thrilled to have incoming faculty this fall who are experts in a range of disciplines. Read more about the wide array of knowledge they bring to AUC, and enjoy hearing a few fun facts – they may surprise you!

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Women are vulnerable to climate change.

Women and Climate Change: A Scientific Perspective

“For every additional year of schooling a girl receives on average, her country’s resilience to climate disasters can be expected to improve by 3.2 points on the ND-GAIN Country Index, which calculates a country’s vulnerability to climate change in relation to its resilience.” 

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AUC students sit at desks in a classroom with a green wall behind them

AUC Introduces New Translation Minor, Science Specializations

AUC is kicking off the semester with new academic programs: the University’s first minor in translation studies, biology specializations in biotechnology as well as ecology and conservation, in addition to computer science and engineering specializations in embedded systems and artificial intelligence.

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A graphic of women walking in a park in front of a city skyline.

A City for All: Gender as a Lens for Design

“Navigating a massive city such as Cairo encompasses a wide array of challenges and gender inequalities, from walking in the streets and riding public transportation to dealing with physical and social limitations,  as well as the absence of public space. These are all encounters that raise questions about harassment and women's rights. Students should reimagine how this can be different,” said Momen El-Husseiny, assistant professor in the Department of Architecture. 

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three men stand behind a large fossil in a lab

Hesham Sallam Leads Discovery of 41 Million-Year-Old ‘King Tut’ Whale

Today, a team led by the internationally-acclaimed paleontologist announced the discovery of a new species of extinct whale that inhabited the sea covering present-day Egypt around 41 million years ago.With an estimated length of 2.5 meters and a body mass of approximately 187 kilograms, the new species, named Tutcetus rayanensis, is the smallest basilosaurid whale known to date and one of the oldest records of its family in Africa. 

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hottest weather

Hottest Weather Ever: What This Means for Our Health

This month witnessed the highest global temperature ever recorded in more than 125,000 years, according to international news reports, including CNN, The Washington Post,

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Shark Attacks: Causes and Concerns

Do we know why this attack happened?Siam: Shark attacks can either be provoked or unprovoked by humans. The provoked shark attack occurs when the human attempts to touch the shark in some way. I have limited information about this particular incident besides the circulating videos, but it appears as an unprovoked shark attack on a swimmer.Are unprovoked attacks common?

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magda mostafa auc faculty

Magda Mostafa Honored With Friendly and Inclusive Spaces Award

Magda Mostafa, associate professor of design in the Department of Architecture and associate at Progressive Architects, has been honored with a Friendly and Inclusive Spaces Award from the International Union of Architects (UIA) for her "Autism Friendly University Design Guide."

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COVID-19 No Longer a Public Health Emergency: What's Next?

After three years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that COVID-19 is no longer considered a public health emergency.

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A boy in the garden

AUC Student Ranks Third Worldwide in International Business Challenge

Mazen Tawfik, electronics and communications engineering senior, ranked third worldwide in Capsim’s Spring 2023 Foundation Challenge, competing with nearly 1,000 students from different countries, including Australia, Canada, China, England, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey and the United States.

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AUC Students Win in Mechanical Engineering Competition

Two AUC students won an Elevator Pitch competition at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers EFx (e-fest) Cairo 2023, which took place at the New Cairo campus. Mechanical engineering majors Zahwa Kortam and Abdallah Sabah placed first and second, respectively.The competition required contestants to imagine themselves as a lead researcher in a prestigious engineering department who needs to convince an investor in less than 90 seconds to fund their project on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 

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Headshot of a smiling female

AUC Student to Join First Cohort of Landmark Scholarship Program in Canada

Mechanical engineering undergraduate student Reem Mahmoud is one of 30 global recipients of the McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. The scholarships are the result of a landmark C$200 million gift (about E£4,4 billion) in 2019 by John and Marcy McCall MacBain, the second-largest single donation in Canadian history.

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SSE in Motion

Award-Winning Faculty Spotlight: Mohamed Salama

AUC Students Conceive Masterplan for Egypt's First-of-Its-Kind College Town

AUC Research Fights the Climate Change Crisis

Strengthening Ceramics Research Published in Top-Tier Academic Journal

Professor Hesham Sallam: Spotlight on Paleontology in Egypt

Building on Mars - AUC Students Create Concrete for Planet Mars

Chasing Circuits: AUC Launches Suitera Spinoff

AUC Professor Hesham Sallam discusses the discovery of a 34- million-year-old rodent

World’s First Comprehensive North African Reference Genome

Interview with Nataly Naser Al Deen ‘13, one of Forbes Middle East’s 30 Under 30

Modifying a Japanese Anti-Cancer Drug