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seifledin sadek

Seifeldin Tamer Sadek '08

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Flushing Hospital Medical Center in New York Seifeldin Tamer Sadek graduated from The American University in Cairo in June 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in biology and a minor in chemistry. His undergraduate senior thesis was completed at the U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit 3 and focused on improving rotavirus diagnostic testing through genotyping. He then moved to Qatar to attend Weill Cornell Medical College and completed his medical doctorate in 2013. He completed a one-year surgery residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital at Columbia University. Dr. Sadek is currently an obstetric and gynecology resident at Flushing Hospital Medical Center in New York, United States. "Biology at AUC was the start of my career,” Dr. Sadek said. “Not only did it provide an excellent basic science foundation for me to build on, but the department has always been a great support system. It is one of the main reasons I was accepted in medical school, and I will always be grateful for that. I hope to return one day to the department and be a part of its continuous growth." Scientific Publications:    Ahmed Baddreldin MD, Seifeldin Sadek, “The Risk of Cardiac Defects and the Indication of In Utero ECHO for Multiple Pregnancies.” Ninth RCOG International Scientific Meeting, Athens, Greece, 2011.   Seifeldin Sadek MD, Emree Kayaalp MD,  “Ethnic Differences in Maternal Morbidity Outcomes of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.” Manuscript in preparation, 2015.

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Deena Gendoo

Deena Gendoo '06

Postdoctoral Research Fellow of Bioinformatics in Toronto, Canada Deena Gendoo graduated from the AUC Department of Biology in June 2006 with a double minor in computer science and chemistry. She then joined the Master of Research program (MRes) in advanced genetic analysis at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. From Africa and Europe, she moved to Montreal, Canada to join the PhD program in McGill University. In 2012, she earned her doctoral degree in biology, with graduate specialization in bioinformatics. Her thesis title was “Bioinformatic sequence and structural analysis for amyloidogenicity in prions and other proteins.” She held several positions in leading research institutes including the University of Leeds, University of Cambridge and The American University in Cairo's Yousef Jameel Science and Technology Research Center.   Gendoo is currently a postdoctoral research fellow of bioinformatics in Toronto, Canada working on a joint collaborative research project between the Ontario Cancer Institute of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the Hospital of Sick Children.   “My studies at the biology department have largely helped define my career path today," Gendoo says. "My biology professors first introduced me to the intricate wonders of DNA, cells and proteins, and opened my eyes to the worlds of molecular cell biology, molecular genetics and biotechnology. The combination of biology courses and wet lab experiments gave me great exposure to these fields and their widespread applications in biology and medicine. I was part of a warm family of dynamic professors that supported me to excel in the subjects I enjoyed, and their passion for science was both inspiring and wonderfully contagious.”

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To all the great life and technical lessons, tough challenges, hands-on experiences here and abroad and supportive professors, I'm very thankful for my intense 5 years at AUC for raising the bar so high of what I can do and teaching me that one's potential can be limitless. I'm also thankful for my Petroleum Engineering degree for teaching me to solve any problem life throws at me one at a time and that hard work along with passion are the means to go forward.

Farah Fawzi '16
Student in ceremony

I graduated in Spring 2017 from Petroleum Engineering with Honors and now working as a Wireline Engineer in Schlumberger. The Petroleum Engineering program offered me both theoretical and practical knowledge with renowned professors in both the gas and renewable energy industries. The exposure and extensive knowledge that I've gained shaped me into the Engineer that I am right now. Thank you.

Mahmoud Agamawy '17
Mostafa Kandil

With an innovative mind already cultivated at the age of 16, Kandil started his AUC studies as a petroleum engineering student, working his way through life he cofounded Swvl. Swvl, a mobile app that organizes convenient and customized transportation routes around Egypt at reasonable prices. Swvl was accelerated at the AUC Venture Lab-recently raised $8 million in its first round of venture capital financing.  

Mostafa Kandil '15