Student using the VR Lab and wearing the VR googles

The mission of the mechanical engineering program is to provide students with a world-class, accredited mechanical engineering education within a liberal arts environment. Social responsibility and pursuit of excellence are central to the program mission. 


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Women are vulnerable to climate change.

Women and Climate Change: A Scientific Perspective

“For every additional year of schooling a girl receives on average, her country’s resilience to climate disasters can be expected to improve by 3.2 points on the ND-GAIN Country Index, which calculates a country’s vulnerability to climate change in relation to its resilience.” 

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Notable Alumni

Amal Esawi

Amal Esawi ’89, ’90

Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Mechanical Engineering Department, AUC, and member in the Specialized Council for Education and Scientific Research 


Emad El Sewedy ‘88

Chairman and CEO,  Sewedy Electrometer, Egypt  

MENG in Motion

Professor Salah El Haggar: Students and Sustainability

AUC Alumna Elham Fadaly '13 Makes Great Strides in STEM

Alumni Entrepreneurs Hope to Transform Transportation Habits Using Electric-Powered Scooters

AUC Student Creates an Electric Water Scooter to Protect Marine Life

AUC Alumna Goes to Space


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