Mechanical Engineering Lab

Specialized Laboratories and Facilities

The laboratory facilities in mechanical engineering are well-equipped for undergraduate teaching.

Facilities Include laboratories in the energy systems area support instruction in the thermodynamics and fluids courses. Some of the equipment in these laboratories, together with the solar energy laboratory, are also used for applied research.

Manufacturing laboratories cover the major standard manufacturing processes like machining, welding, casting, and support undergraduate teaching in the material processing area and the construction of students' projects.  The computer-aided manufacturing laboratory is equipped with CNC machines, a robot, and an automated manufacturing system to demonstrate the modern manufacturing facilities in the industry.

Laboratories in the materials area are equipped with computer controlled universal testing machines, advanced materials characterization facility, and advanced microscopic equipment. The polymers laboratory is well equipped with standard specimen forming and testing equipment.

The machine construction laboratory is available to illustrate the construction details of machinery for undergraduates. The laboratory enables the students to work with off the shelf components and parts used in mechanical systems.

The mechanical systems laboratory supports courses in the systems dynamics and control area.  It has state-of-the-art, vibrations measurement and analysis equipment, analog and digital control of industrial process simulations experiments, and noise measurement and evaluation systems.


  • Advanced Testing Lab

  • Automated Manufacturing Systems Lab

  • Automatic Control and Mechanical Vibrations Lab

  • CAD Labs

  • Drafting Lab

  • Environmental Lab

  • Fluid Mechanics Lab

  • Heat Transfer Lab

  • Materials Processing Lab

  • Materials Testing Lab

  • Mechanical Lab

  • Metallography Lab

  • Polymers Lab

  • Powder Metallurgy Lab

  • Quality Control Lab

  • Sample Preparation Lab

  • Scanning and Rapid Prototyping Lab

  • Thermodynamics Lab

  • Workshops