CARES envisions a region of modern, sustainable and prosperous communities.


The mission of CARES is to guide sustainable development efforts in Egypt, the region and beyond by providing holistic academic programs, applied interdisciplinary research and community services for improving lives and livelihoods while safeguarding natural resources for future generations to come.


To support our mission of guiding sustainable development efforts in Egypt, the region and beyond, our strategy has three main dimensions: education, research and community services. These pillars are built on a sound foundation that consists of different kinds of resources, strong networks, and high motivation.

Historical Background

Historical Background

CARES was established by merging the Center For Sustainable Development (CSD) and the Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment (RISE) - formally a desert development center.

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We work on bringing different AUC bodies together to develop academic programs in the area of sustainable development, in collaboration with national and international institutions. Furthermore, education for sustainable development is delivered beyond the campus, through public lectures, discussions or school programs.

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We focus on urgent topics in its immediate surroundings, especially research problems that require an interdisciplinary approach. Since these topics cannot be covered by one school or center alone and need coordination between different researchers and/or AUC bodies, we seek collaboration within and outside of AUC and bring different parties together.

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Community Initiatives

We concentrate on involving AUC in large national projects that can have a wide impact on the Egyptian community and enable researchers and students to implement their research results and have direct links to the real world. Student initiatives and pilot projects developed at the grassroots level are also supported by CARES.