Biotechnology Research Interest

Faculty Research Interest

  • Genomic studies of marine organisms in the Red Sea
  • Genetic variations and molecular disease discovery of an isolated community in Egypt
  • A molecular and genomic approach to investigate links between infectious diseases and cancer development
  • Comparative metabolic profiling of selected biological systems
  • Development and characterization of novel antibody-based, as well as molecular diagnostic tests, for detection of tumor biomarkers and infectious diseases
  • Therapeutic and diagnostic applications of nanotechnology
  • Early prediction of tumorigenic changes in cell cycle genes in Hepatitis C
  • Using optical traps to study the mechanical properties of biological polymers
  • Improving the durability of biomedical implants through deposition of nanomaterials and nanocomposite thin films using various techniques
  • Fabrication of sensors and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)/Nano-Electro
  • Mechanical Systems (NEMS) for controlling the biological function of the various organs of the body
  • Computational and statistical predictive analysis of mutations in viral associated genes
  • Computational aspects involved in the analysis, management, and visualization of biotechnology-related data