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The aim is to equip future architects with a comprehensive vision integrating various aspects of the built environment: how it is planned, designed, used and appreciated by society; and to prepare students for starting a successful professional and academic career as architects.


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Message from the Chair

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Architecture: a place where you can explore your talents, master your creativity, and contribute to humane aspects in the built environment.  Architecture integrates multiple disciplines ranging between the arts, sciences, engineering, business, and humanities.  It allows students to cruise through a journey that builds talent, character, and allows them a mastery of multiple skills to face real-world challenges.  

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Professor Basil Kamel


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Architectural Engineering - BSc

This program aims to educate students in the fundamentals of the science and architectural design with emphasis on developing the skills of innovation, creativity and critical thinking in the design of the built environment.
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Architectural Design - Minor

The minor in architectural design provides students with an understanding of the basics and the underlying principles of architectural design. It serves students in all majors.
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AUC to Compete in International Solar Decathlon Competition

AUC students, faculty and staff joined forces to compete in the Solar Decathlon Middle East (SDME) in Dubai in November 2021.

This year's competition offers participating universities and their partners an unprecedented opportunity for global exposure since it aligns with the Dubai Expo 2020. Solar Decathlon Middle East is an international competition for university students to design, build and operate sustainable solar-powered houses.

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The Solar house from inside and a man is sitting in a terrace



Using the 'Power of Design' to Shape the Future of Architecture and Autism

In 2002, Magda Mostafa, associate professor in the Department of Architecture, was approached by a group of parents to design Egypt’s first educational center for autism. She was eager to get to work, certain it would be easy with all the guidelines and research she’d find on how to design for individuals with autism. But to her surprise, she found “absolutely nothing.” No architect, she said, in Egypt or anywhere around the world had ever looked through and structured evidence-based methodology into this topic. 

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Architecture Students

Designing with a Purpose: Architecture Students Propose Acoustic Solutions for AUC Library

The AUC Library is filled with pages of information, nooks to work in, and a number of gadgets and resources to help students and faculty in their research and other tasks. But, one aspect where the library still struggles is reducing the noise level in its Learning Commons – the open area you see when you first walk into the library.

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Mona Hussein

Inside the Creative Force of Mona Hussein

News@AUC got the opportunity to sit down with one of Egypt’s leading interior designers and jury member for the AUC-TAMEER Water Tower Competition, Mona Hussein ’83, to learn more about her goals, why she decided to pursue interior design, her advice to future AUC graduates and more. Hussein is the founder and director of Mona Hussein Design House (MHDH) and Mahally. Both companies offer a wide range of design services, including interior, landscaping and product design, architecture and branding.

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AUC Hosted the Conference Mega-Cities: Intersections and Diversions, an Asian- African Dialogue

Earlier this month, AUC hosted the conference, Mega-Cities: Intersections and Diversions, an Asian- African Dialogue, organized by AUC's Department of Architecture, AUC's Neighborhood Initiative and international partners ARCASIA, ACE and the UIA Education Commission.

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