Physics is the most fundamental of the natural sciences. It led to a deepened understanding of the phenomena in the world around us. The discipline of physics is a training of the mind and a methodology for approaching and solving problems. The significance of physics is manifested in its accomplishments in the development of the scientific method as well as providing an important concept of all physical sciences and engineering disciplines.



  • Graduating high caliber physicists committed to helping their country and capable of introducing creative solutions to current and feature real-life problems

  • Contributing to the placement of our country at the forefront of the region via our high-quality education, elite research, and community engagement

  • Being an active part of the AUC mission to be “Egypt’s Global University”



  • Teaching physics in an interactive and student-centered way based on critical thinking and modern methodologies rather than memorization

  • Exploring our undergraduate and graduate students

  • to the latest in theoretical and applied physics via our up-to-date curriculum, well-equipped laboratories, talented faculty, and dedicated staff

  • Offering professional scientific consultations to national enterprises



  • Unique liberal art education where the graduates are not only well educated in physics, but also earned well-developed personality

  • Balance between the study workload and the social activities of our students, staff and faculty

  • Our graduates are very well trained in taking right decisions in various situations keeping the academic integrity and academic freedom always in mind


To read more about the annual student enrollment and graduation data, check the AUC Profile and Factbook.