Mechanical Engineering Program Mission:

The mission of the Mechanical Engineering (MENG) Program is to provide students with a world-class, accredited mechanical engineering education within a liberal arts environment. Social responsibility and pursuit of excellence are central to the program's mission. In addition to maintaining high standards of academic achievement, professional behavior and ethical conduct, the program provides students with a broad mechanical engineering foundation and depth in selected areas of their choice. 

The MENG program at AUC prepares students for entry-level professional practice in the mechanical engineering discipline, both locally and internationally. The program instills in students the desire for lifelong learning that enhances professional growth throughout their careers.

MENG Program Objectives:

The program educational objectives (PEOs) of Mechanical Engineering (MENG) at AUC are to graduate engineers who, within a few years of graduation, can meet one or more of the following objectives:

1.       Practice professionally as team members or leaders in both local and global, multidisciplinary environments

2.       Advance their careers in mechanical engineering or other fields through promotions, positions of increasing responsibilities or professional certifications.

3.       Contribute to the welfare of the society, and are responsive to its needs with consideration of ethical and environmental issues.

4.       Engage in advanced academic and research careers.

5.       Pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.