The construction engineering faculty are highly active in research, with several funded research projects and publications in the most prestigious international journals and conferences.

Research Areas in Construction Materials and Structures:

  • Rehabilitation of structures using advanced composite materials (bars, sheets and strips)
  • Post-tensioned reinforced concrete structures, prestressed masonry diaphragm walls with unbounded tendons: new life to an old construction mate
  • Innovative advanced composite materials structures
  • Design and manufacture
  • Composite bridges with corrugated steel webs
  • Rigid steel structures connections subject to torsion: improving current design provisions
  • Design of combined sections steel columns
  • Use of biological waste in concrete
  • Safe storage and handling of hazardous materials
  • Radioactive resistant structures
  • Nanomaterials in construction
  • Martian and outer space structures
  • Advanced repair materials and repair techniques (emphasis on historic structures)
  • Rammed earth building material for sustainable low-cost rural construction
  • Asphalts, asphalt concrete performance
  • Subgrade soil performance
  • Sustainability in construction – green buildings – green and environmental materials in construction.


Research Areas in Construction Management and Technology:

  • Life-cycle cost analysis:
  • Computer-aided tools
  • Neural networks for estimating productivity and cost
  • Application of artificial intelligence techniques in construction
  • Dynamic programming to solve time-cost trade-off problems of project schedules with repetitive sub-projects
  • Risk management and contract management for construction projects
  • Utilizing virtual reality in enhancing construction safety
  • Minimizing disputes in construction projects through system dynamics modeling
  • Investigating the economic and social impacts of introducing multi-skilled workers to the construction industry
  • Quality management system models, simulation of construction operations, time and cost optimization of construction projects
  • BIM applications in construction, computer software for construction projects
  • Delay analysis
  • Wood technology
  • Lean construction
  • Natural language processing applications in construction management and contract administration
  • Analysis of determinants for international competitiveness
  • Innovative construction methods
  • Formwork and falsework systems
  • Site layout optimization
  • Energy-efficient buildings – sustainability

Research Areas in Infrastructure

  • Development of a mechanistic-empirical pavement design tool (software) based on Egyptian materials, environment, and traffic loading Infrastructure asset management, roadway pavement design analysis and management
  • Development of microbial fuel cell (MFC) powered desalination technology, the impact of rapid urbanization, climate change, and drainage design on urban flash floods in Egypt
  • Analysis of the water-energy-food nexus of the Arabian Gulf Region
  • The impact of innovative low-cost scalable water technologies on the Egyptian Water-Energy-Food nexus security: scenario-based techno-economic modeling and experimental demonstrations
  • Development of a low-cost precision farming toolkit for local independent farming needs
  • Smart cities
  • Sustainable infrastructure.