The Department of Construction Engineering (CENG) was established in 1987, as the Department of Construction Engineering, to fill a gap which emerged in the construction industry in Egypt and the region. In September 2007, the department became the Department of Construction and Architectural Engineering (CANG) as it started offering a major in architectural engineering as well as its original major in construction engineering.

The department has introduced a minor in architecture since 2003, which was joined by many construction engineering students as well as students from other departments. The interest in the minor and the need for qualified architectural engineers with strong IT capabilities lead to the introduction of the new major in architectural engineering. The Department of Construction Engineering has been offering a graduate program leading to an MSc degree in engineering in the various fields of construction engineering as well as environmental engineering.

Starting 2007, CANG has offered an MSc in construction engineering (thesis option), and a Master of Engineering in construction engineering (non-thesis option). In January 2016, the department regained its original name as the Department of Construction Engineering (CENG).

The undergraduate construction engineering program prepares the students to engage in challenging construction projects and be able to bridge the gap between the designer and the construction site with all its problems, limitations and/or potential. Our first class graduated in 1992. The successes of our alumni in the construction and other industries motivate us to stay on track and become even better.

Faculty members cover a wide spectrum of specializations related to construction engineering. This adds to the depth and comprehensiveness of the concentration courses offered by the department. The faculty members are highly active in research in the areas of construction management and technology, material and structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, water resources and environmental engineering.


The vision of the Department of Construction Engineering is: “To become a leading department in the domain of construction engineering internationally and a destination for students and faculty from around the globe who seek outstanding academic programs, quality of education, cutting edge research to become a diverse community of scholars and practitioners”.


The current mission of the Department of Construction Engineering is “To provide high-quality engineering education within a liberal arts context to students from Egypt and other countries. The aim is to prepare generations of engineers to excel as leaders in their professions. The pursuit of excellence is central to the department’s mission, maintaining the highest standards of academic achievement, professional behavior and ethical conduct.”


Excellence: We continually strive to be among the best in all we do: in teaching, research, and service to our community.

Integrity: We believe that individuals are accountable for their actions, and, as members of a community, our individual actions have an impact on others. We are stronger as a community when we reflect on the consequences of our decisions and actions, and we uphold the principles of academic integrity, including fairness, accountability and honesty.

Lifelong Learning: We believe that the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and personal and professional development should continue throughout one’s lifetime.


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