The Department of Computer Science and Engineering's faculty members are current and active in the discipline and possess the necessary technical breadth and depth to support a modern computer engineering program. There are enough faculty members to provide continuity and stability to cover the curriculum reasonably, and to allow an appropriate mix of teaching and scholarly activity (100 percent of our full-time faculty have published peer-reviewed papers in reputable international scientific journals, conference proceedings and chapters in books over the past five years). The department has 12 full-time faculty members, eight of whom are tenured faculty members. 

Research Interests of the Faculty

•    Knowledge-based systems and knowledge discovery in databases
•    Natural language processing
•    Intelligent agents and the semantic web
•    Data and text mining
•    High-performance computing, parallel processing and cluster computing, 
•    Hardware design, computer architecture, and performance analysis
•    Operating systems
•    Distributed systems
•    Software engineering
•    Machine intelligence 
•    Image processing, pattern analysis and computer graphics
•    Cryptography (algorithms & systems
•    Computational intelligence and swarm intelligence, 
•    Bayesian networks and, reasoning under uncertainty
•    Very large databases
•    Computer and data security
•    Robotics
•    Social and professional ethics of computing
•    Brain-computer interface (BCI), enhanced human-computer interaction 
•    Embedded multicore systems, VLSI implementation aspects of CPU microarchitecture 
•    Wireless sensor networks platforms and applications computer architecture/microarchitecture
•    Arabic handwritten & Arabic voice recognition
•    Real-time compression systems
•    Pervasive and ubiquitous systems