Why Study Computer Science and Engineering

The computer science graduate program offers students the opportunity to engage in coursework, research projects, and other activities designed to further enhance the student’s knowledge and skills in many areas of the rapidly changing discipline of computer science. The program provides a broad spectrum of study in preparation for careers in advanced computer science areas. 

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Academic Programs

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Computer Science

The course of study offers a broad-based intellectual engagement with computing both in theory and practice as well as logic and capabilities. The study program is designed to prepare students for a wide variety of careers.

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The Master in computing (M.Comp.) at AUC prepares students for higher-level professional practice in local and international markets.

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The PhD in Engineering program emphasizes the application of research methods and procedures to advanced areas of importance in the sciences and technology. The program builds on the premise that advancing the applied sciences and technology must be based on fundamental comprehension of the various disciplines, while continually being responsive to the needs of new technologies, and the interdisciplinary nature of the modern scientific enterprise.

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Find out what people have to say about AUC!

“AUC was the launchpad for my career, first inspiring me to pursue postgraduate studies in computer science and more recently as a tech entrepreneur and CEO.”

Rana El Kaliouby '98, '00
CEO and Co-Founder of Affectiva, AUC Board of Trustees and Former Research Scientist at MIT 

In so many ways. At AUC, I was encouraged to think independently, do my own research, break new ground. That’s exactly what I did with my first startup, Emerge Technology. At AUC, I studied beyond my major, got involved in campus life, pushed myself to try new things. As an entrepreneur, you need that kind of broad vision, that eagerness to take on a new challenge.     

Tayssir El Hawary ’05
Co-founder and CEO of Modern Transit Solutions Company
Mohamed El Nawawy

I’ve worked in telecommunications since a few days before I graduated from AUC. The principles of the field, the way we form partnerships, the way we work together — those things were part of my computer science program at AUC. Understanding the history and culture of the communities we’re working with — that was part of my liberal arts program at AUC. I see the value every day. 

Mohamed El Nawawy ’92, ’07
Former Managing Director and CEO, Telecom Egypt

Faculty Members


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