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Chemistry is regarded as the central science that intimately connects all aspects of life. The chemistry program at AUC prepares students for careers in diverse fields relevant to chemistry.

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Azzazy receiving Humboldt Award

Hassan Azzazy Receives Multiple Awards and Recognitions for Biochemistry Research

Hassan Azzazy, distinguished University professor and chair of the Department of Chemistry, has been honored for his extensive work in the field of biochemistry with the Distinguished Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and a Doctor of Science from Alexandria University, in addition to being elected chair

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AUC Faculty Members Among Top 2% Impactful Scientists Globally

For the second year in a row, AUC faculty members have been named among the top 2% of the world's most impactful scientists by Stanford University and Elsevier. 

Egypt Water Crisis: Challenges and Solutions

Learn about AUC's Egypt Water Crisis course, which teaches students about water scarcity and pollution while equipping them with the tools to monitor and manage this precious resource.


Meet our highly-accomplished faculty members
Hassan Azzazy

Announcing Dr. Hassan Azzazy as Distinguished University Professor

In recognition of exceptional scholarly merit of the highest distinction, recognized excellence in teaching, and extended service to the University, the AUC Trustees confirm a limited number of senior faculty members to the grade of Distinguished University Professor. It is with great pleasure we announce that Professor Hassan Azzazy has been appointed as AUC’s sixth Distinguished University Professor (DUP).

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students in white coats in chemistry lab

Chemistry - MSc

The Department of Chemistry offers two programs of study leading to either a science degree in chemistry or with a concentration in food chemistry and nutrition (master's of science). The M.Sc. in chemistry prepares students for a career in chemistry or related fields through the development of a firm foundation in the fundamental science and applications of chemistry for both industry and academia.
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Man standing in a chemistry lab holding a test tube

Chemistry - BSc

The program prepares students for careers in diverse fields such as industries, environmental monitoring and protection, quality control and quality assurance, clinical analysis, diagnostics, marketing and sales for chemicals, education, academic and industrial research.
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Student in chemistry lab with white coat

Chemistry - Minors

The minors in chemistry provide the students with a workable knowledge of the basic principles of chemistry and some of their applications.
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The chemistry program is accredited by

CSC      SCU


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