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Our approach to biology education is dynamic in order to keep the program current with advances being made in the field. At AUC, there is a growing tendency to merge what has historically diverged into widely segregated fields: botany and zoology; classical and modern molecular approach; and field and laboratory studies.


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AUC Introduces New Translation Minor, Science Specializations

AUC is kicking off the semester with new academic programs: the University’s first minor in translation studies, biology specializations in biotechnology as well as ecology and conservation, in addition to computer science and engineering specializations in embedded systems and artificial intelligence.

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Bridging the Gap: Ahmed Moustafa to Lead Coronavirus Genome Research in Egypt, MENA

Ahmed Moustafa, professor and chair of AUC's Department of Biology, has been awarded $2.1 million from Wellcome Trust for a project that will establish molecular surveillance of the coronavirus genomes in the MENA region, bridging research disparities and leading to better health outcomes. 

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Battling Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Can Inflammatory Bowel Disease be treated? Ahmed Moustafa, associate professor of bioinformatics at AUC, researches the connection between the human gut microbiome and IBD. Through a project conducted in collaboration with Human Longevity Inc, J. Craig Venter Institute and the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, Moustafa found significant detections that can help create a probiotic to treat, or at least reduce the severity of, IBD.

Stopping Ovarian Cancer - The Silent Killer

Stopping Ovarian Cancer - The Silent Killer was funded by a Bartlett Family Foundation Grant for Critical Challenges. The grant was issued to its Principle Investigator, Asma Amleh, associate professor in the AUC Department of Biology and Director of the AUC Biotechnology program and Co-Investigator Terri Ginsberg, assistant professor in the AUC Film program to support the research Amleh is conducting on the early detection of ovarian cancer.

Notable Alumni

Amina Soliman

Amina Soliman '14

Biology department alumnus Amina Soliman 2014, is working as a Senior Environmental Researcher at Environics for Management of Environmental System (Environmental Consultancy) in Egypt. It involves conducting environmental impact assessments for various projects.

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Nataly Nasr al din

Nataly Naser Al Deen '13

Biology department alumnus, Nataly Naser AL Deen, graduated from The American University in Cairo in June 2013. She conducted her senior research project at Theodor Bilharz Research Institute, TBRI, on hepatocellular carcinoma.

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