Career Prospects

The use of mathematics is pervasive in modern industry. The result is that mathematicians are found in almost every sector of the job market, including engineering research,telecommunications, computer services and software, energy systems, computer manufacturers, aerospace and automotive, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and government laboratories, among others.

Global jobs in applied mathematics, finance, mathematical computing, statistics and actuarial science:

Career (MAA) — especially for students

Career (international) — for students and professionals

Career (AMS) — for students and professionals

Careers in Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

Be an Actuary: A Career Without Boundaries

Maths PhDs Offered Incentives to Teach

Jobs in the USA for statisticians

Jobs in the United States for actuaries

Global Jobs in Quantitative Finance

In recent years there has been a tremendous increase in demand for mathematicians in the
finance industry, and in the field of quantitative/mathematical finance. A one-year master's
degree in financial engineering provides an excellent entry point to this global industry, which
requires a very strong background in mathematics. To learn more about this type of career,
including universities that offer further study (see Student Resources).