The department is dedicated to providing substantial and stimulating mathematical experiences for AUC students leading to  undergraduate degrees in mathematics, actuarial science, and data science. In addition, the department offers courses in mathematics and statistics that serve the needs of other disciplines  across the university. To provide for the general education of all AUC students, the department offers courses in the core curriculum that allows non-science majors to realize that mathematics can be rewarding and fun. In all of these activities, the department strives for excellence in teaching. The department is committed  to scholarship and research in pure and applied mathematics, actuarial science, statistics, data science and related fields, and to active participation in public professional activities of its disciplines.


Facts and Figures

Mathematics Program Launched 1970
Actuarial Science Program Launched 2004
Actuarial Science First Graduates 2007
Accreditation Obtained 2007
Data Science Program Launched 2019
Actuarial Science 71
Mathematics 22