electronics machine


The electronics and communications engineering curriculum is served by well-equipped specialized electronics and communications engineering laboratories. The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering currently has several multidisciplinary laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and software in the areas of circuits, electronics, digital, microcontrollers, programmable logic controllers (PLC), communications, control, microwave, photonics/optical communications and VLSI. Two laboratories are dedicated to the senior graduation project and one research lab serves undergraduate research projects as well as faculty and graduate students research projects.

The labs are organized in stations with only one student per station. Finally, a Photonics lab, housed in the Department of Physics, serves students from both disciplines.



The Laboratories involved in the Electronics and Communications Engineering curriculum are divided into Science Laboratories, General Engineering Laboratories shared with other Engineering departments and Electronics and Communications Engineering laboratories.


Computing Resources

The American University in Cairo has an Office of Information Technology (IT) that serves the AUC community by providing the technology needed to support AUC's goals and objectives. The IT team is responsible for technology in all AUC premises, including student and faculty housing premises and AUC buses.