The Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECNG) department offers a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering since February 2005. 

The Electronics and Communications Engineering curriculum is designed to strike a balance between theoretical and laboratory experience and to impart the fundamental and practical understanding of the principles required for a successful career in electronics and communications engineering. This requires a solid core of foundation courses in physics, mathematics, computer science and general engineering. Concentration courses in electronics and communications engineering that integrate theory and laboratory wherever possible cover electromagnetism, circuits, electronics, digital design and communications.

Students are admitted to the Electronics and Communications Engineering program either upon admission to AUC or after successful completion of criteria courses. High school students with mathematics/science background are accepted depending on their High School grades and the available quota within the program. Transfer students are also accepted into the program, which is subject to availability, the student’s performance at his/her current institution and the High School grades.  

Courses in electric machinery, classical control, computer systems, the capstone senior thesis and industrial internship are also required. Electronics and communications engineering elective courses provide seniors and advanced undergraduates the opportunity to develop an edge in advanced electronics, communication systems and computers. ECNG graduates will be prepared for a career in Egypt or abroad.



The mission of the Electronics and Communications Engineering program is to provide students with the highest quality education. ECNG graduates are well prepared for a career in Egypt or abroad. The goal is also to prepare graduates to meet the expectations of employers and to pursue postgraduate study if so desired.