Sustainable Development Students Named on School of Sciences and Engineering 2022 Honors List

Honors List Recipient Abdalla Ashraf Hassanein
Honors Student Winner

The Sustainable Development Program, represented by its Program Director, Hani Sewilam announced two recipients of this year’s School of Sciences and Engineering Honors List, Abdalla Ashraf Hassanein ‘22 and Abd El Hamid Sherief ‘22. Students nominated on the Honors list must have a minimum GPA of 3.70 and at least one paper accepted or published in a reputable refereed Journal or quality Conference Proceeding as determined by the program.


Abdalla Ashraf Hassanein, holding a steady GPA of 4.0 during his graduate studies at The American University in Egypt (AUC), published his paper entitled Mobile-based Social Platform for Emergency Response Coordination at the second International Conference on Innovative Intelligent Industrial Production and Logistics in November 2021. Hassanein's paper focuses on the potential of mobile applications to improve the chances of survival in emergency situations in the absence of adequate professional medical assistance by using design thinking to connect growing logistics and healthcare startups through an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) application and platform to provide a more efficient, effective and responsive emergency care. Click here for the paper 

Hassanein is currently a sustainable development MSc graduate Al-Alfi Fellow at AUC with a specialization in entrepreneurship. He holds a BSc in design engineering. As a researcher at the Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, AUC, he is currently working to support Egyptian micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to become more resilient and sustainable through the development of the Business Development Service (BDS) Centers. Hassanein was also recruited as an innovation analyst intern at the UNDP Regional Bureau of Arab States (RBAS) in Amman, Jordan. He is supporting the RBAS in running regional and international entrepreneurship and strategy programs across 15 countries, including the Women Innovators Program 2022. Hassanein also graduated from the McKinsey Forward Program, where he worked on strategy and business problem-solving.


Abd El Hamid Sherief holds a GPA of 3.925 and has published A window of opportunity for the South Med region to grow a thriving biotech economy through entrepreneurship in The Next Society Policy Brief Series by the Forum Euroméditerranéen des Instituts de Sciences Economiques in January 2022. Sherief’s paper addresses the potential of diversifying Southern Mediterranean countries' economies by enhancing the entrepreneurial potential in STEM fields like green and blue biotechnology and their Water-Energy-Food applications. Click here for the paper

Sherief is currently a sustainable development MSc Graduate student at the American University in Cairo with a specialization in Green Technologies. He has worked in the Oil and Gas sector both in local and regional roles and is MCIPS certified in procurement and supply. He is also a member of the Mediterranean Youth Climate Action (MedYCA Network) as well as the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC Egypt) and Moon Village Association (MVA Egypt). His current research focuses on the usage of marine algae for desalination brine remediation.