Samples of Publications

United States Patent Application

An electro-kinetic platform based on printed circuit Board technology for identification and characterization of biological cells

Dispersion analysis and engineering of 2D plasmonic waveguides

Dispersion Analysis and Engineering in TiN 2D Plasmonic Waveguides

A novel method to design an electro-kinetic platform based on complementary metal-oxide semiconductor technology using SKILL scripting of cadence

A novel microfluidic system using a reservoir and flow control system for single-cell release, migration, separation, and characterization

RC-In-RC-Out Model Order Reduction Via Node Merging

Adipose Stem Cells Display Higher Regenerative Capacities and More Adaptable Electro-Kinetic Properties Compared to Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

Subwavelength focusing in the infrared range using a planar metallic lens of binary slits with refractive index modulation

Variability mitigation using correction function technique