Areas of Specialization

CND Reasearch

Research Projects

The CND conducts its research in its central labs at AUC and ZC as well as a group of well-equipped labs in local universities and institutions where CND has agreements with. CND hires top junior VLSI researchers who work on industry-relevant research topics advised by industry engineers and CND Senior researchers. The research conducted by the junior researchers coincides with the research work required in their postgraduate studies. Research projects span the fields of: Electronic devices, Custom digital VLSI, Analog, RF and mixed-signal circuits, MEMs, optics and optoelectronics, EDA, Innovative Design Methodologies and Verification Techniques, and Hybrid Systems Integration.

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Teaching and Learning

CND hires top junior researchers, and students who can work on industry-relevant research topics. Researchers are top students selected from Egyptian Universities as an example; Banha, Fayoum, Monufeya, Mansoura, Alexandria, Cairo, Ain Shams, German University, British University, and Asuit University. Students are mainly selected based on their technical merit, without any discrimination on any basis

Mohamed Shalan

Services Industry and Academia Support

The CND is planning to overcome the lack of many resources needed by students and researchers by creating the first CAD cloud in Egypt, which will later be extended to the MENA region, providing most of the top CAD tools used in the industry to universities and research institutes. The support is not in the form of just providing the tools, but also in the form of installation, maintenance, and user support.

Moreover, the CND will provide prototyping and testing support to help give CND students and researchers hands-on experience in laying out their designs, fabricating, and testing them.


Community Outreach

The CND sees itself as part of the VLSI community in the region, and accordingly strengthening the community will eventually add to CND’s strength. Accordingly, the CND is organizing a collection of outreach activities to enrich the community members, and link academia to industry. The CND has already started organizing a series of VLSI seminars.

Mix of students in New Cairo Campus

Internship Programs

One of the cornerstones of CND activities is the organization of internship programs for AUC students. During these internships, students are able to apply their theoretical skills to practical work experiences where they can gain practical knowledge and make connections.

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