In 2015, the consumer electronics industry generated revenues in excess of $1.5 trillion. Despite market fluctuations, these revenues have been growing steadily over the past four decades. Local and regional shares in this industry have, thus far, been very limited. However, with correct planning and vision, this industry can become significantly developed, which will serve to increase national income and create local and regional high-tech jobs. This development will help elevate the region’s advancement and aid in its transition to a knowledge-based economy.

The CND aims to create an environment in which the electronics industry can thrive in the region and has a vision of becoming an internationally leading education and research Center supporting the growth of the Electronics and Devices industry in the region.

It also aims to prepare a highly trained cadre of professionals. In doing so, the center hopes to develop strong ties with international and local industry in this field.



    • Conduct world-class research and generate competitive results in the fields of device technology, CAD flows and electronic circuit applications,
    • Develop individuals who have a strong engineering background and are able to pinpoint, define and solve problems through analytical thinking in their related fields,
    • Develop individuals who are able to employ the necessary techniques, hardware, and communication tools for related engineering applications,
    • Establish effective and productive collaborations with local and global industry through implementation of projects that involve know-how transfer and cost-effective solutions based on general public needs,
    • Produce solutions tailored to society's needs, and to disseminate the knowledge attained for public use while adhering to universal moral values,
    • Build infrastructure support for the electronics industry.

    CND aligns with AUC mission

    • CND publications in excess of 220 over the past three years, help the ranking of the AUC and SSE.
    • CND is an educational and research center supporting the growth of the Electronics and Devices industry, hence helping AUC be part of this community.
    • CND is working to overcome the lack of many resources and infrastructure needed by students and researchers in the Electronics and VLSI area at the AUC.
    • CND is forming many relations in Egypt, the region, and with international entities, helping the reputation of the AUC in these circles.


    • CND will serve the industry by reducing certain obstacles that would allow for the increased creation and continued functioning of start-ups.
    • CND will allow senior designers and researchers to conduct world-class industry-related research. This research will generate valuable intellectual properties (IPs) and will eventually benefit the local industry.

    In addition, the CND will also promote the vertical integration of the local technology development systems. As an ultimate goal, the CND intends to transform itself into a research institute of international stature.

    Core Values

    • Excellence
    • Diversity
    • Lifelong Research and Learning
    • Good reputation
    • Integrity


    • CND will initiate research projects in Electronics that meets identified needs for the Industry per year.

    • CND will hire top researchers to work on world-class industry research topics.

    List of the major equipments at CND

    • Significant infrastructure in place including the full suites of the three major electronics CAD vendors: Cadence, Synopsys and Mentor Graphics, and Multiphysics simulators.
    • Emulator from Mentor Graphics (Donation for around 80,000 USD)
    • 40 Servers and Computers
    • Measurement equipment
    • Free fabrication relation with Global Foundries that could be worth millions of dollars a year depending on the center activity
    • Access to the AUC’s Clean Room in STRC and Zewail City Clean Rooms