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Teaching Training Program for PhD Candidates

The objective of the teaching training program is to allow top AUC PhD candidates to gain teaching experience of undergraduate courses as instructors. This program will prepare candidates for future careers in academia, as well as allow them to actively contribute to undergraduate education at AUC.

The program is open to PhD candidates in good academic standing.

Eligible PhD candidates need to apply to be part of the program, submitting a statement of purpose, their teaching philosophy, and identifying a number of 1000 and 2000 SSE courses that they would possibly be interested in teaching and specifying why they believe their qualifications and academic background are suitable to teach these courses.

  • Once you apply to the Teaching Training Program for PhD Candidates, the application will be reviewed and candidates that meet the criteria for the program their application will be forwarded to the respective School of Sciences and Engineering concerned departments for an interview and a selection process by the departments, based on the candidates' English language skills, communication skills and relevant academic background.

  • The selected candidates will be assigned, by the concerned department, a maximum teaching load of 3 credits/semester in a 1000 or 2000-level course/lab in either a fall or spring semester. Additionally, the department will assign a faculty mentor that would provide guidance and support to the candidates for their role as course instructors at the department.

  • The selected candidates will need to complete a mandatory Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) boot camp before their first semester as instructors, then complete at least four CLT workshops during each semester they teach in. 

  • The PhD program, in coordination with the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and CLT, will keep track of the successful completion of the mandatory boot camp and the CLT workshops by each candidate in this program, as well as the feedback from the concerned department(s) on the performance, and student evaluations of each candidate.

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