Computer Science - MSc

Computer Lab

The Master of Science in Computer Science program offers students the opportunity to engage in coursework, research projects, and other activities designed to develop theoretical background and up-to-date practical skills in the rapidly changing area of Computer Science.

The program provides a broad spectrum of study in preparation for careers in advanced computer research areas. The program allows students flexibility in planning their program of study after the initial course requirements are met. 

Master of Science Program Learning Outcomes:

Students who complete this program should have the ability to:

  1. Formulate computing problems in context with industrial and societal needs.
  2. Apply critical thinking and advanced computational programming to provide practical solutions for computing problems.
  3. Analyze and critique existing research in a select computational problem and present major findings.
  4. Conduct sound research work, present, and defend related findings.
  5. Contribute to conferences and technical journals during and after their course of study.
  6. Have the ability to pursue Doctorate degrees in computing in high-caliber universities in Egypt and abroad.

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