Mechanical Engineering - MEng

Meng program

The Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at AUC prepares students for higher-level professional practice in local and international markets.



  • The objectives of the Master of Engineering Degree are to provide the graduates of the program with:

    • Broad knowledge of modern computational and experimental methods in engineering

    • Detailed knowledge in engineering design, materials and manufacturing, industrial engineering, power and mechatronics

    • Awareness of the local and global context in which mechanical engineering is practiced, locally and globally, including economic and business practices, societal needs, and considerations of public health, safety, environment, culture and ethics

    • An ability to solve unstructured engineering problems, think critically, function well in a team, and communicate effectively

    • A high standard of written and oral communication on technical matters

    • The ability to apply principles and tools of scientific research methodology.
    •  The ability to design, analyze and simulate various systems and to apply advanced experimental, analytical and computational techniques to solve complex mechanical engineering problems.
    •  The ability to think creatively to develop commercial opportunities using modern engineering technologies.
    •  Make a significant contribution to their field of specialization and profession through their own contribution.
    • The ability to excel in an interdisciplinary environment within teams and task groups.


  • Admission requirements are the same as those for the Master of Science Program.