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AUC’s data science program introduces students to this rapidly growing field and equips them with its basic principles and tools to solve real-world problems. Students will learn the concepts, techniques, and tools needed to deal with various facets of data science practice. Working with data requires the mastery of a variety of skills and concepts, including many traditionally associated with the fields of probability, statistics, mathematics, and computational science

Working with data requires the mastery of a variety of skills and concepts. The Data Science Program has the advantage of combining including many traditionally associated with the fields of probability, statistics, mathematics, machine learning, databases, and modern programming languages such as R and Python. These areas most relevant and needed for a very strong program in Data Science. This multidisciplinary program provides students with tools for extracting knowledge from data. Decision-makers can then use this knowledge to make evidence-based decisions in various business establishments and governmental organizations.

Because Data Science is a multidisciplinary program, it is administered by a Council of members from several departments, including Mathematics and Actuarial Science, Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Biology, and Chemistry.

Graduates of the Data Science program will be able to:

  • Establish a career as a data scientist who possesses analytical tools for extracting knowledge from data, especially big data

  • Thoroughly analyze complex data sets in various domains and effectively communicate the results to domain specialists.

  • Adhere to high standards of conduct, practice, and qualifications of the data science profession

  • Able to use standard techniques of mathematics, probability, and statistics to address problems typical of a career in data science

  • Apply appropriate modeling techniques to conduct quantitative analyses of complex big data sets

  • Use statistical software packages such as R and Python to solve data science problems.

  • Know standard resources that can be used to stay up to date with current data science issues, practices, and professional developments

  • Summarize and communicate, orally and in writing, data science problems to specialized and non-specialized audiences.

  • Be able to work both independently and in collaboration with others.

  • Apply high standards of ethical conduct and be able to articulate best practices of ethical action in professional practice

  • Articulate the need for lifelong learning

Assistant Professor, Nouri Sakr ’13, gives a short brief about AUC’s data science undergraduate program

This program is suitable for students who are interested in the following:

  • Data Analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Programming languages 
  • Databases
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics

Graduates of the program can go on to become data scientists or data engineers in a variety of fields, including finance, communications, and more.

Distinguished University Professor Ali Hadi holds a PhD from New York University and is the founder of the actuarial science and data science programs at AUC. Hadi has written five books, four book chapters and edited two volumes in addition to more than 100 articles in refereed journals. He has taught at several international universities, including Cornell University and New York University.


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