Computer Science - Minor

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Minor in Computer Science

A minor in Computer Science provides students from other disciplines with basic knowledge and practice in computing that would enable them to develop simple or advanced applications in their field of study.


Computer Science BSc

Information Systems Minor

The study of information systems focuses on the need to improve systems for the benefit of individuals, organizations, and society at large. An information system is concerned not only with the technical development of systems applications but also with the interface with people and the support of different business and decision processes. The information systems minor aims to provide a supplementary course of study for students who are taking a major in disciplines outside the departments of Management and Computer Science.

Students who select a minor in information systems (IS) understand the fundamental concepts of information processing and the relationship between the underlying technology and end-user applications that are continuously changing and affecting different elements related to business and organizational development and growth. Equipped with this knowledge, the students enrolled in the minor will be able to solve different computer and information systems-related problems, as well as explore the latest in information and communication technology.