Architectural Engineering - BSc

student during an engineering activity

The specific objective of the architectural engineering program is to educate students in the fundamentals of the science and architectural design with particular emphasis on developing the skills of innovation, creativity and critical thinking in the design of the built environment. This is accomplished through research-based studio pedagogy, digital aided design, history, arts and the realization of users’ requirements within the constraints of the context and society. In the process, students learn to effectively work independently and collaboratively, develop analytical skills and consider the impact of architectural solutions on both Egyptian society and the evolving global community. Graduates of the program work in local and international architectural design firms. They are also well prepared to pursue graduate studies in architecture and related fields. 

The program is structured so that students would concentrate on an area of study in the last two years of their program. After completing design studio 3, students choose one of three streams of courses as their area of study choice. The streams include Building Design: Human and Environmental Studies; Tectonics and Computational Design and Architecture; and Urban Heritage Design. The study of each stream includes an elective course, three design studios, architectural theories, and a dissertation course. These culminate in a capstone senior project in the same stream.


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