Sustainable Development - MSc

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AUC offers a Master’s of Science in Sustainable Development as the first program based on innovative collaboration among the AUC schools of Business, Science and Engineering, Global Affairs and Public Policy, and Humanities and Social Sciences. The Master of Science program is enhanced by the advanced facilities and state-of-the-art equipment available at the University. The program aims to educate innovative and visionary leaders with a holistic understanding of the developmental challenges in today’s world. It offers a comprehensive and in-depth study of sustainability,  covering three dimensions: the economy, the environment and society. Concentrations in engineering, business studies, public policy or social sciences may be pursued, depending on the student’s interests and background. In addition to the theoretical and analytical components of the program, students are encouraged to carry out community-based activities.

The master's program in Sustainable Development, with concentrations in green technologies, entrepreneurship, sustainable cities, and sustainable communities, is designed to take advantage of sustainable development as an economic growth opportunity. This MSc program aims to create a whole new generation of business and social entrepreneurs with the skills will allow them to start up green businesses, launch innovative ventures and products, and put in place public policy and social entrepreneurship innovations that, together, address society’s environmental and natural resource challenges. The program aims to provide students with a sound theoretical and practical understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship in all three sectors-private, governmental and non-profit- in preparation for careers as entrepreneurs and “intrapreneurs” in a range of organizations.

The M.Sc. in Sustainable Development has recently been ranked by Eduniversal as the top master’s program in Africa with a focus on sustainability and green technologies. The program has been defined following the European Quality Framework (EQF) and according to the Accreditation requirements for the Egyptian Education System. SSDV programs have followed the process for obtaining recognition, whose main purpose is to ensure that it fulfills a standard of quality that fits into the Egyptian context.


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