Nanotechnology - MSc


The Masters of Science in Nanotechnology provides academic excellence in advanced sciences and technologies through an interdisciplinary education in the fields of materials science, physics, chemistry and engineering preparing students for careers in industry, education and research, with the capacity necessary to compete and excel in the ever-expanding world of nanotechnology.

This program is facilitated by the available state of the art equipment at the Yousef Jamil Science and Technology Research Center (YJSTRC).


The Masters of Science in Nanotechnology graduates scientists and engineers who:

  • Have the knowledge of the enabling technologies and the key aspects relevant to the application in nanotechnology

  • Foster a strong culture of interdisciplinary research and development at AUC, Egypt and the region

  • Engage in advanced academic and research careers

  • Excel in an interdisciplinary environment both as individuals and within a team

  • Seize and develop commercial opportunities in the fast-advancing nanotechnology field locally and globally


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