Electronics and Communications Engineering - MEng Management of Technology

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The Master of Engineering Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering with Concentration in Management of Technology prepares students for higher-level professional practice in local and international markets. It is intended for electronics engineers who wish to master the practice in their field of specialty, as well as understanding the notion of technology and innovation as key to wealth creation, competitiveness and sustainable economic and social development. Potential students can come from academia, multinational corporations, government sectors, and owners, managers and employees of private/public sector companies.


The objectives of the program are:

  • To provide students with solid knowledge in product and systems design in electronics engineering

  • To train students to solve unstructured engineering problems, think critically, function well in a team, and communicate effectively

  • To educate students on a high standard of written and oral communication on technical matters

  • To enable students to manage and guide a technology-based organization in a changing environment

  • To expose students to methods of integrating technology and business strategies

  • To educate students on methods to develop an organizational structure and necessary functions that permit sustainable success


Admission requirements are the same as those for the Master of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering program.


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