Chemistry - MSc

students in white coats in chemistry lab
  • The Department of Chemistry offers two programs of study leading to either a science degree in chemistry or with a concentration in food chemistry and nutrition (master's of science). The M.Sc. in chemistry prepares students for a career in chemistry or related fields through the development of a firm foundation in the fundamental science and applications of chemistry for both industry and academia. The specialization degree program is designed to provide students with a broad background in nutrition, food service management, development of necessary analytical skills; and exposure to current nutrition, food service and hospitality management research.

  • The program of study is planned with the faculty advisor, and should include a total of 33 credit hours as the following:

    • Core Chemistry Courses (9 credit hours)
    • Chemistry Specialization Courses (12 credit hours) OR Food Chemistry Specialization Courses (12 credit hours)
    • Chemistry Graduate Electives (3 credit hours)
    • Thesis & Seminar (9 credit hours)
  • A bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a related discipline with a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0, is required for admission into the master's of science in chemistry program. Admission is also subject to the general university requirements for the graduate program. For those students whose grade records indicate promising ability, but who otherwise did not have adequate preparation in chemistry, admission may be granted under the requirement that remedial courses will be taken.