Construction Engineering - MSc

Construction engineer on site

The Master of Science in Construction Engineering is administered by the construction engineering department. The program offers a high-quality education that prepares students for advanced academic, research and professional careers in construction management and systems, structural engineering and construction materials and Infrastructure engineering.

The program prepares graduate students for higher-level professional and academic practice in local and international markets, whether in consulting practice, industry, or government.


As an integral part of the American University in Cairo, the mission of the Master of Science in Construction Engineering Program is to provide engineers with high-quality broad engineering vision yet deepen their knowledge in the selected field of technical specialization.  The program caters to demands of industry and research institutes and places a strong emphasis on critical thinking, professional behavior, and ethical conduct.  The overall goal is to advance and upgrade the knowledge of engineers for careers in senior level engineering and technical management positions.  


The objectives of the Master of Science in Construction Engineering are to provide the graduates of the program with:

  • Broad knowledge of modern computational and experimental methods in engineering

  • Extensive knowledge in construction management and systems, and in structural engineering and construction materials

  • In-depth understanding of the research techniques and data analysis in construction engineering

  • An ability to solve unstructured engineering problems, think critically, function well in a team, and communicate effectively

  • A high standard of written and oral communication on technical matters


  • Apply advanced mathematics, numerical models and computational programming and analysis to define and solve complex engineering problems

  • Acquire the required knowledge in the technical field of his specialization (Construction Management, Construction Engineering materials, Structural Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, etc.)

  • Assess societal demands in the field of study and translate them into well-defined engineering problems

  • Provide alternative solutions for engineering problems and apply critical thinking while comparing the validity, pros, and cons of each

  • Successfully communicate and interact with the constituencies of various technical backgrounds and fields of specialty

  • Contribute to professional activities, conferences, and technical journals during and after their course of study

  • Conduct sound research work with appropriate utilization of laboratories, libraries, field sites, learning media and means of information and communication technology

  • Pursue higher level graduate studies in high-caliber engineering programs in Egypt and abroad

  • Present, report and defend findings related to research and other professional work

  • Implement the code of ethics within the study and work environments

  • Take the initiative to acquire new knowledge and skills and establish a self-plan for life-long continuing education

  • Research and solve problems in a broad range of construction activities including materials, design, management, and technology




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