Architecture - MSc

SSE Architecture

The Department of Architecture offers a Master of Science in Architecture (M Sc) degree. The program intends to provide opportunities for Egyptian and international students to pursue graduate studies at AUC.

The program focuses on finding and building connections between Architecture and other relevant disciplines at AUC. Exploring these connections is inherent in the essence of architecture as a multidisciplinary domain, always seeking new questions and finding alternate paths by bridging with other domains. The new program also capitalizes on the rich cultural and heritage background in Egypt. These can form a strong basis for unique architectural investigations that are rooted in Egypt and the Middle East and are of interest to many international scholars. 

Graduates of the program will become excellent candidates for the local and international graduate architectural studies and architectural design firms. They will be well equipped to pursue their PhD studies and conduct scientific research upon completion of the master's degree.

  • Enable students to learn how to bridge between architecture and other disciplines in order to develop a responsive built environment
  • Enable students to explore the nature and substance of other fields to identify overlaps and value to address architectural issues
  • Develop an understanding of the interplay of economic, social, psychological and tectonic aspects in shaping the built environment
  • Develop an understanding of the past, present and future paradigms of Architecture
  • Reflect on “What’s Next”, pose relevant questions, explore different directions, paths, or modes of thinking and frames of mind derived from a clear contextual understanding
  • Develop competence in the formulation of, conduct and pursue of comprehensive research questions integrating other related disciplines

Graduates of the Master of Science in Architecture will be able to:

  • Demonstrate sufficient academic and applied skills in architecture for employment within the architectural international and local firms and/or pursue a PhD degree in Architecture
  • Demonstrate critical thinking towards architectural current paradigms towards making an impact in the future of the architectural domain
  • Demonstrate awareness of the issues inherent in the multidisciplinary nature of the built environment and address them in a comprehensive and inclusive way
  • Demonstrate awareness of the issues inherent in the rich culture and heritage of Egypt and the Middle East with a critical eye to relevant contexts
  • Work individually or within multidisciplinary teams and provide leadership to integrate different specialized groups


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