Biotechnology - MSc

biotechnology expedition in the redsea

The Master of Science program in biotechnology provides postgraduate education to prepare students for a career in biotechnology through the construction of a firm foundation in the science and engineering of biotechnology and to provide an introduction to bio-entrepreneurship.


The objectives of the Master of Science in Biotechnology are:

  • To introduce students to a combination of fundamentals and frontline applications in the field of biotechnology

  • To introduce students to regulatory affairs, intellectual property issues, and ethics related to different aspects of biotechnology

  • To introduce students to the principles and requirements of bio-entrepreneurship

  • To provide the students with a deep understanding of the research techniques and data analysis in the area of specialization

  • To train students to solve biotechnology-related problems, think critically, function well in a team, and communicate effectively

  • To train students at a high standard of written and oral communication skills on technical matters


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