Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering


Brief Biography

Sherif Fahmy received his BSc and MSc degrees from Cairo University, and his PhD degree in Mechanical and industrial engineering from the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg in 2009. He has more than 17 years of academic experience, from teaching assistant to associate professor, in Egypt, Canada, and Kuwait. Fahmy also worked as a process manager in the area of healthcare improvement using lean and six sigma and various industrial engineering techniques. He also has extensive experience in innovation management, IP management, and technology transfer and commercialization, as he had been managing the innovation program in Egypt’s biggest fund for science and technology. He has been a member of many professional societies, a reviewer for a number of academic journals, and he is also a registered professional engineer (PENG) in Canada and in Egypt.


    • Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, April 2009
      • Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada
      • Thesis title: A Hierarchical Control System for Scheduling and Supervising Flexible Manufacturing Cells
    • Master of Science, Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, July 2004
      • Department of Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt
      • Thesis title: An Algorithm for Zones Formation in Tandem AGV Systems
    • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, July 2000
      • ​​​​​​​Department of Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt
      • Graduated second on class with honors
Research Interest

Fahmy’s research interests include the design and planning of advanced manufacturing systems, optimization, supply chain management, and transportation problems. He is currently working on the concurrent problem of designing and planning cellular manufacturing systems. He is also working on the optimal design of supply chain multi-layer networks, including optimal positions for customer re-order points. A third area he is working on is the vehicle routing problem and its contemporary applications. He has published and presented almost twenty research papers in technical journals and conference proceedings, mainly in the areas of production scheduling and control, flexible manufacturing systems, supply chain management, and advanced material handling systems design.