Mechanical Engineering involves the application of scientific knowledge for the design and manufacturing of devices and mechanical systems that use or transfer mechanical and thermal energies. The mechanical engineer should strive both to serve the needs of the society without unduly damaging the environment, and to produce devices and systems that use energy and material resources efficiently.

student in a mechanical engineering lab

Mechanical Engineering - BSc

AUC’s mechanical engineering program provides students with a world-class, accredited mechanical engineering education within a liberal arts environment.
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mechanical engineering machine

Mechatronics Minor

The minor in Mechatronics provides students with a broad understanding of the latest developments of synergized interdisciplinary knowledge, design principles, technologies, and practical skills within the growing field of Mechatronics. It serves students in all majors.
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Mechanical engineering workshop

Mechanical Engineering - MSc

The program offers high-quality education that prepares students for advanced academic, research and professional careers in one of the following specializations: Design, Industrial Engineering, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, Mechatronics and Power.
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Mechanical engineering tools

Mechanical Engineering - MEng

The Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at AUC prepares students for higher-level professional practice in local and international markets.
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