The mathematics and actuarial science department offers three Bachelor of Science degrees: One in Mathematics, one in Actuarial Science, and one in Data Science. In addition, the department offers three minors: Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, and Applied Probability and Statistics.

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Mathematics - BSc

The mathematics program develops a level of skill that enables students to apply their knowledge in industry or teaching, as well as prepare the student for advanced study of mathematics and other fields.
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Actuarial Science - BSc

The program cuts between the School of Sciences and Engineering and the School of Business, preparing students for careers as actuaries who provide risk management expertise to a range of industries.
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Data Science - BSc

This is the first program leading to a bachelor's degree in science in Egypt and, to our knowledge in the region. Data Science is experiencing very rapid growth due to the availability of huge and complex real-world data.
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Mathematics - Minors

The minor will acquaint non-mathematics majors with the diversity of the field and enhance the student's ability to formulate and solve problems in other disciplines.
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