Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology

Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology provides interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary educational graduate programs in public health and sustainable development, inclusive of diagnostics, bioethics, environmental health, communications and management.

The institute houses state-of-the-art Biomarkers, Environmental Assessment of Risks and Toxics on Health (EARTH) and Central Neuromics and Sequencing (CNS) Laboratories, as well as the community-engaging Center for Applied Research on the Environment and Sustainability (CARES).

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Mohamed Salama sitting on a chair talking to media panelists about his research on healthy aging

AUC Team to Launch Egypt’s First Healthy Aging Study

"Four cups of coffee a day could help prevent Parkinson's disease and dementia," according to Mohamed Salama, professor at AUC’s Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology, who presented his research on healthy aging, the first of its kind in the Middle East, during the Faculty at the Forefront media panel. 

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AUC@COP27 Highlights

AUC Climate Change Initiatives

Professor Hesham Sallam: Spotlight on Paleontology in Egypt

Award-Winning Faculty Spotlight: Mohamed Salama


Microscope in SSE lab

Biomarker Laboratory

Studying the Gene. Development of neurodegeneration, developing new biomarkers for early detection of brain damage, establishing novel models for neurodegenerative diseases.

Technician in Human Ecology Lab working in white coat

Environmental Assessment of Risks and Toxics on Health (EARTH)

Environmental Assessment of Risk and Toxics on Health (EARTH) is an environmental quality and health monitoring and assessment laboratory that exposes and enables the student to common hands-on techniques and instrumentation used in environmental and biological monitoring.

Focus on hands working with chemicals and tubes in Human Ecology lab

Central Neuromics and Sequencing Laboratory (CNS)

The (CNS) laboratory is established as a tissue bank and analysis facility in support of genomic and metabolomic environment interactions in a socioeconomic and demographic context.

Human Ecology Lab Technician Working

Vivarium (Animal Research Facility)

This facility provides a stimulating environment for our students to work and learn the basics of animal handling and experimentation, as well as basic and fundamental animal-based research at AUC

Water Academy Project

Center for Applied Research on the Environment and Sustainability

CARES was established by merging the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) and the Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment (RISE).

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