Fahad Kimera Biography

Fahad joined CARES in 2015, first as a Masters student, graduating in February, 2018, and joined CARES team shortly after. He seeks to develop his career in research to protect our natural environment, boost both human and ecological health - all while promoting a viable and renewed economic vitality. He hopes to make a difference through creating innovations that do not compromise people’s ways of life, and through innovations that protect and enrich cultures and human wellbeing towards a global sustainable community His published articles include:

  • Kimera, F. , Sewilam, H. and Imam, E. (2018) Economic Benefits of Supplemental Irrigation in Uganda. Agricultural Sciences, 9, 1401-1418. doi: 10.4236/as.2018.911097.

  • Production of Origanum syriacum L. using Fish Effluents improved Plant Growth, Yield, and Essential Oil Composition. Still under review process.