Undergraduate Programs


With 20 majors and minors, the School of Science and Engineering offers a diverse collection of programs from the major science disciplines.



Actuarial Science - BSc

The program cuts between the School of Sciences and Engineering and the School of Business, preparing students for careers as actuaries who provide risk management expertise to a range of industries.
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Architectural Engineering - BSc

This program aims to educate students in the fundamentals of the science and architectural design with emphasis on developing the skills of innovation, creativity and critical thinking in the design of the built environment.
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Biology - BSc

The program offers liberal education in biological sciences, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. It provides graduates with a broad background necessary in today’s job market and prepares them for graduate and professional schools.
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Chemistry - BSc

The program prepares students for careers in diverse fields such as industries, environmental monitoring and protection, quality control and quality assurance, clinical analysis, diagnostics, marketing and sales for chemicals, education, academic and industrial research.
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Computer Science

Computer Science - BSc

The course of study offers a broad-based intellectual engagement with computing both in theory and practice as well as logic and capabilities. The study program is designed to prepare students for a wide variety of careers.
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Computer Engineering - BSc

Computer engineering is defined as the discipline that embodies the science and technology of design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of software and hardware components of modern computing systems and computer-controlled equipment.
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Construction Engineering - BSc

The program prepares the students to engage in challenging construction projects and be able to bridge the gap between the designer and the construction site with all its problems, limitations and/or potential.
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Data Science

Data Science - BSc

This is the first program leading to a bachelor's degree in science in Egypt and, to our knowledge in the region. Data Science is experiencing very rapid growth due to the availability of huge and complex real-world data.
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Electronical device

Electronics and Communications Engineering - BSc

Obtaining a degree in electronics and communications engineering requires a solid core of foundation courses in physics, mathematics, computer science, and general engineering, which is also essential for life-long learning.
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Mathematics - BSc

The mathematics program develops a level of skill that enables students to apply their knowledge in industry or teaching, as well as prepare the student for advanced study of mathematics and other fields.
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Mechanical Engineering - BSc

This program prepares students for entry-level professional practice in mechanical engineering both locally and internationally. It instills in students the desire for lifelong learning that enhances professional growth throughout their careers.
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Petroleum Engineering - BSc

This program focuses on exploration, drilling, reservoir and production operations. Economic and environmentally safe petroleum production requires the application of engineering principles in addition to chemistry, geology, physics, and mathematics.
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The physics major program aims to graduate high caliber physicists committed to helping their country and capable of introducing creative solutions to current and future real-life problems.
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Architectural Design - Minor

The minor in architectural design provides students with an understanding of the basics and the underlying principles of architectural design. It serves students in all majors.
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Biology - Minors

The minor supplements the education of students in related disciplines including biometry, bioinformatics, biochemistry, biophysics, psychology and anthropology.
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Chemistry - Minors

The minors in chemistry provide the students with a workable knowledge of the basic principles of chemistry and some of their applications.
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Computer Science - Minor

A minor provides students from other disciplines with basic knowledge and practice in computing that would enable them to develop applications in their field of study.
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Design of Interior Spaces

Design of Interior Spaces - Minor

The Department of Architecture in collaboration with the department of

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The aim of the minor is to provide students typically majoring in physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and engineering with a working knowledge of electronics.
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Mathematics - Minors

The minor will acquaint non-mathematics majors with the diversity of the field and enhance the student's ability to formulate and solve problems in other disciplines.
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Petroleum Engineering - Minor

The minor provides students with a world-class, accredited education within the context of a liberal arts environment, and prepare them for a successful career in the Petroleum industry.
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Physics - Minor

The minor program is designed to provide students majoring in engineering and other branches in science with an in-depth theoretical background of the corresponding applications in their majors.
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